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HMS Neptune

Power: The ability to absorb information at an advanced rate, or even instantly. Global superpowers are financially stable enough to assist nations that need humanitarian or humanitarian aid and are also strong technologically and educationally. India is the world’s second-most populous nation and is expected to pass China’s population by 2025. Infernos, explosions, flamethrowers -- you name it. Unleashing lightning-fast maneuverability to pull off powerful offensive abilities, the Interceptor makes the impossible look easy. Whatever the situation, you'll evolve to survive it. Flight? The U.S. and the USSR dominated world affairs during the Cold War, and only the U.S. remained a “superpower” after the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991. Start at #100 Get Started! However, the UAE doesn’t have a large and powerful military, although its armed forces have seen significant upgrades in recent years.


Notable Users: Vulture, Lost Girl (TV), Darkstalkers (Lilith/Morrigan).

A member of the United Nations and a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the UAE has a very strong economic influence and has solid international alliances. Power: The ability to get psychic impressions from the food you eat. But on the other end, it has a strained relationship with other Middle Eastern countries. Ward Hazell is a writer who travels, and an occasional travel writer. Power: The ability to control visible light. Karnazes has never experienced any form of cramp or muscle ache, even during runs that last more than 160 kilometers (100 mi). A member of the United Stations, China has a very strong political influence in the world, though many have criticized the Chinese government for employing questionable methods and for being too aggressive, most especially when it comes to flexing its military muscle.

Of the seven emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the two most well-known, with the latter being the more popular tourist destination. With invulnerability, you are immune to all manner of harm from gunfire to energy blasts to needles at the doctor's office. Bouncing from place to place with ease would eliminate the need for air travel, long distance relationships, and even cars. Also, sometimes fire manipulators are also able to use their ability to fly. He once bit into a detached finger to get a vision of the murderer who cut it of. You'll grow gills if you're stuck under water and you'll gain flame retardant skin if you're cast into a volcano. ), It is a universally accepted truth that we all have a unique set of fingerprints.

As Aang showed us in Avatar: The Last Airbender, it can also be used in creative ways such as wind-burst punches, gliding, and air-ball races. He tried to climb Everest in a pair of shorts. Feeding on life energy is sort of like being a leech of one's life force.

Power: Controlling magnetic fields and metals. Notable Users: Mr. Notable Users: Electro, Emperor Palpatine, Blanka (Street Fighter). Though it has one of the largest military budgets and has modern military weapon systems, the country primarily deploys its armed forces for self-defense and peacekeeping purposes. Notable Users: Mister Immortal, Tommy (Prey), John Coffey (Green Mile). Read More . As far as elemental powers go, fire reigns supreme. While the United States is considered to be the one, true global superpower in the world, several nations are looking to become part of the club in the 21st century. While China’s defense spending is significantly lower than that of the United States at $250 billion, it is still the second-highest in the world. In terms of political influence, the US is unparalleled. Best Countries For Investment In Travel And Tourism Sector. China is considered to be an emerging superpower or a “potential superpower.” Some even argue that China will pass the United States as a global superpower in the coming decades. The strength of a gorilla? One of the best things about having this power, besides the ability to blast things to kingdom come with the sound of your voice, would be how hard it is for your opponents to defend against.

It's not so much intelligence as much as it is charm.

Like all superheroes, however, SM does have one weakness. However, in Maggott's case, his super powered slugs are able to enhance his strength, stamina, and size by digesting objects in their path. The European Union (EU) is considered to be an emerging superpower by scholars; however, reaching a status of a global superpower in the 21st century has greatly been slowed down because of the euro crisis and Brexit. Power: Change yourself to look like any person or, in some cases, animal or object. Although he made it through the Death Zone unharmed, he was forced to turn back, not by the temperature but by a foot injury. Power: The ability to see through anything (except lead for some folks). A superpower is a state with a dominant position characterized by its extensive ability to exert influence or project power on a global scale. Not a bad deal. Power: Sustaining one's life force or powers by feeding on somebody else's.

Asia-Pacific Reach Middle East Players European Union (EU) TOP POWERS. Modern technology has made use of this unique property when it comes to things like cybersecurity, which must make Cheryl Maynard feel pretty invisible.[8]. There may be lots of them, living in the shadows or hiding in plain sight, waiting for their chance to save (or destroy) the planet! Your hand-crafted suit will help you soar through the air, dodge incoming fire, and hover above your enemies.

Then shapeshifting is for you. Marilu Henner can recall the month, day, and time of every event that has happened in her life and can also recall things that were on the news or happened to other people.

He once ran nonstop for 563 kilometers (350 mi) over three days. And the US isn’t shy about showing its military power to the world, one reason why some countries often accuse the US of meddling with international affairs too much. Eat nuclear weapons, guns, knives, anything!

Power: Manipulation of the climate, causing wind, rain, hail, lightning, tornadoes, etc. The top ten most powerful countries in the world, according to the rating, include the US, Russia, China, Germany, UK, France, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. Power: Having an open line of communication with the deceased. Others argue that Russia is not even a potential superpower since it has trade relations of a Third World country, a much smaller GDP than China or the United States (about 8% of the United States), and no highly rated universities, among others things.

On a related note, Israel has one of the most powerful militaries in the world. Power: Expert marksmanship where you're always able to hit your target.

Having no fingerprints has even made it difficult for her to get jobs. Not only will you be awesome, but you'll be deep too. Basically, you'd always have some sort of animal army at your disposal. Global powers ranked by potential military strength. Other supplying countries include the US (obviously) and Canada.

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